Pocket Velvet Dress | fresh green + Merino Wool Jersey Golf | ocean

Short velvet dress (100% cotton), with side slits. Round neck, short sleeves, front pocket.
Color: Fresh green.
Jersey Golf
S u p e r f i n e Q u a l i t y
High performance gift from nature. If there is one fabric that brings style and performance together in perfect harmony, it’s merino wool. Stunningly elegant, with qualities that speak volumes for anyone who demands that comfort and style go hand in hand. It keeps you warm when it’s cold – and vice versa. It’s odor resistant. It very soft and gentle, does not itch at all. Merino Wool is very durable but most of all it is environment friendly, sustainable and biodegradable.
Att! All Merino styles are available in 4 colors!

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